While VeChain is one of the most established enterprise focused public #Blockchains out there, there are several private chain alternatives vying for the same share of pie. The most common argument I see online is that enterprises have no use for a public chain. However, a private chain comes with…

When using a public blockchain, especially for enterprise use, it is imperative to implement a transaction fee (However small it is). The reason is that if transactions are truly free, the network will be spammed with useless Transactions.

This dramatically increases infrastructure requirements in the long run. Ethereum for eg…

Brot KnoblauchHaus

Ich bin kein Berliner, ich bin Knoblauchbrot. I like utility tokens. VET/ VTHO Tip Jar: 0x22e0820aC11F093e317446458f79C11CFaf58084

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